The Inspection: What You Need to Know!

The At Home inspection gives you the facts! You will learn more about your home purchase than you ever thought possible. Your inspector will demonstrate how to operate and maintain all major systems in the home -- from locating and tagging critical plumbing valves -- to changing furnace and a/c filters -- to winterizing plumbing.

The At Home inspection is an in-depth visual inspection, by an impartial and highly-trained inspector, of the visible structure and major systems of a home. It is designed to report substantial visible defects, and to provide valuable home care and home improvement advice.

The At Home inspection covers the visible and readily accessible areas of the home:

electrical systems
• plumbing systems
• kitchen(s)
• bathrooms
• exterior finish
• driveway
• walkways/patios
• retaining walls
• exterior drainage
• roof(s)
• maintenance work
• energy upgrades

visible structure
• visible framing
• basement(s)
• crawlspace(s)
• interior finish
• windows/doors
• weather-stripping
• insulation
• roof structure
• heating system(s)
• a/c system(s)
• appliances

In addition to the detailed 24-page home inspection report (completed on-site), you will receive The At Home Inspections, Inc. Home Maintenance Guide, an informative, illustrated 304-page manual in a convenient three-ring binder. This manual covers essential home maintenance, repairs, invaluable safety recommendations, energy savings tips, and more -- included in the inspection fee.


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