About John Vaughn, Senior Home Inspector

John Vaughn received his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University, G.W.C. Whiting School of Engineering. Mr. Vaughn is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). He is the current Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (Mac-ASHI), and chairs the education committee for Mac-ASHI.

Mr. Vaughn's work experience includes:


  • over 11,000 home inspections
  • commercial building inspections
  • engineering consultation
  • construction management
  • estimating (new and renovation)
  • structural and residential design work
  • land development
  • expert witness testimony

Mr. Vaughn has worked as a professional building analyst since 1981. Starting with Greenbelt Homes, Inc., Mr. Vaughn inspected construction work, supervised and coordinated subcontractors, and inspected residential units to ensure compliance with NFPA, NEC, BOCA Building, BOCA Plumbing, WSSC, and county codes. He then went on to write specifications and design details for the final phase of $17 million, 1600 unit renovation project.

Mr. Vaughn's inspection work includes: building pre-purchase(residential, commercial, single-family, multifamily, condo, co-op, and apartments), property management, new construction (residential and commercial); consultation work includes structural design, cost estimation and expert witness testimony.


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