Why Choose Us? Shop and Compare!

The At Home Inspections, Inc. home inspection is the best value! But don't take our word for it. We want you to be an informed consumer. Just use the following checklist when you call other home inspection companies to determine what your inspection fee is buying. Call At Home Inspections, Inc. last, and schedule your appointment.

  • Is the inspector a certified ASHI® member?
  • Is the inspector a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers?
  • Does the inspector have a degree in civil engineering or architecture?
  • Has each inspector completed over 10,500 inspections?
  • Will the inspector provide repair cost information in the report?
  • Will the inspector give you a 304 page maintenance manual in addition to the 24 page comprehensive inspection report?
  • Will the inspector tag critical plumbing valves?
  • Does each inspector have over 30 years experience in home construction, remodeling, renovation and inspections?
  • Does the inspection company and each inspector comply with all state laws?
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